Silver or Grey Timber Decks – 4 Common Misconceptions

Whether you call the trend in grey decking beach chic, weathered, silver, Hamptons or even just ‘grey timber’, there’s no mistaking that this look has become one of Sydney’s hottest decking trends.

Only 4 years ago, I received less than 10% of my enquiries to achieve this look. Now I would say more than 50% of my enquiries are to achieve this look for their outdoor living space
Darren Ettridge, #1 Decks Owner.

There’s a few misconceptions around how to achieve this look. Here are four of the most common ones we’ve seen.

Grey silver timber deck sydney

Thanks to #1 Decks Client Tasmin Johnson, Leading Interior Designer, Sydney

“I love a space that looks like it was always there”

Pre-loved, lived in, relaxed and coastal. For this reason, I love the ready-aged, greyed off timber look. 


“You don’t oil the deck, you just let it age”.  Not true.

This is not true. The timber still needs to be protected from the elements. Failing to do this will cause the timber to dry, split, splinter, cup, expand and rot quicker than a protected timber deck.

The way to achieve a correct outcome is to choose the right timber, and then pre coat the board before installation with a clear, oil-based oil such as Cutek CD-50, with a final coat after installation. This is a penetrating oil that will help protect the timber from the inside (once it soaks in), while allowing it to ‘silver off’ on the surface. We would recommend oiling timbers for grey decks every 1-2 years.

“You can use any hardwood timber”. Not true.

A lot of timbers once dried out and silvered off will split and splinter more easily. In fact, some will go a dark colour, not achieving the silvered look at all. The best timbers to use for the silver deck are Rosewood, Spotted Gum, Thermory (Ash), Teak (Vitex), Kebony and Accoya.

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“I can stain the timber grey to achieve the look”. Not true.

Whilst staining your timber grey will help protect the timber, more often than not it looks like a grey paint and not the desired aged and weathered look.

“If I let my timber age, it won’t last as long”. True… however!

Yes this is true, however that is if you are not following the correct process in using the right timber and oil. A grey, weathered looking deck can last as long as any other timber deck if it is well cared for. 

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