5 Tips For Staining A New Timber Deck

Staining your deck is an absolute must if you want to ensure your deck will remain looking great for years to come.  If your deck hasn’t been oiled before its import you follow a few simple steps to ensure you don’t have any problems.

As one of Sydney’s leading decking installers, #1 Decks has prepared these tips for you when staining a new deck.

Water-Based or Oil-Based Stains?

There are so many different types of stains out there, it’s so hard to know which ones are good and which ones aren’t. From our experience we have found the water-based oils to far out perform any of the oil-based oils on the market. The oil-based oils are much easier to apply with out leaving streaks or blotches, but if applied right the water based will out perform any oil based by far.

We use and recommend two types of oil Intec H2oil and Spa & Deck

Selecting The Right Colour

Most oils on the market have a range of different colours. You need to work out what look you are going for. The darker colours will hide more of the grain than the lighter colours and after 3-4 coats they can start to look a little like paint instead of just oil. We recommend you get a few sample posts from your supplier and test it on an off cut of your deck or in a spot you won’t see, let it dry then give it another coat so you can see how it will look finished as the more coats the darker it will go.

Preparation Is Everything

If you just throw your oil on the deck before preparing it you will be sanding it back and redoing it before you know it. Please don’t rush or skip this part of the process. Each brad will have its own cleaning process and products to clean your deck so be sure to read carefully and follow the instructions. With the Intec H2oil All grease, oil, grime, sap, tannins and other contaminants must be removed using H2CLEAN water based oxalic acid to neutralise and open the surface. This is just brushed on with a hard bristle broom and scrub any really dirty marks and hose off before it dries. We recommend you doing this twice. We do the job we also sand the deck with a floor sander to ensure a smooth finish and make sure all little burred timber from the screws have been removed. But this isn’t 100% necessary.

Applying The Oil

We oil all our decks with a lambs wool applicator and paintbrush. With the water based oil it is a lot harder to get an even finish as it dries so quick and if you over lap your stocks it looking streaky and patchy. So it’s very important when your oiling to ensure you oil 2-3 boards at a time and complete the whole row before starting a new row of 2-3 boards. If you need to cut into a wall, pole or anything you cant reach with the mop, you must cut it in with the brush as soon as you have gone as far as you can with the mop, if you let it dry then cut in you will see an overlap mark.

It make the job easier if you take the time to masking tap up anything you don’t wont the oil the go on like walls and pavers.

When To Re-Apply

Most oils way say around 2 years on the tin but we recommend not leaving any more than 12 months. It all depends on the amount of light your deck gets. A good way of testing it is to put some water on the deck and if it still beads its ok but if it soaks into the timber it needs oil.

You will know just by looking at it though. If it has changed a lot since it was first done its also ready to re do it. Remember, you cant really over oil your deck so if our unsure its best to do it again. 

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