Things to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Deck Builder in Sydney

Investing in a natural timber or composite outdoor deck is a big decision. Not only is there the capital investment in improving your home, but you will be living with this deck for many years to come and you need confidence that you’ve made the right choice in terms of the materials being used and the longevity of the product.

To empower you in making the right decision, we have prepared a list of questions to ask your Builder.

Questions to ask about materials being used

What treatment will the subframe be?
Ensure all posts are H4 treated pine and framing H3 treated pine.

Where will you be buying the timber from?
Are the timbers sourced from a sustainable supplier? Is the company large enough to support the warranties they provide?

What is the quality of the product?
Can they provide guarantees in regard to the quality of the products that will be used in building your deck?

Do you use joist protection?

Will your bearers and joists have some form of joist protection?
This stops water penetrating into the top of the timber where it is most likely to sit. It will significantly prolong the life expectancy of your subframe.

Ask about warranties

Ask if they have extended warranties beyond the 7 year builder’s warranty. Does it cover labour and materials? Are there warranties for the materials being used?


What about maintenance?

How often will I need to maintain the deck and is it a service that the company offers? It can be time consuming to do annual maintenance, and if you don’t have the time, you will want to rely on a professional to keep your deck well maintained.

Is the quote a fixed price quote?

Are there hidden costs or variables to the quoted price?

We will discuss the best options for creating the ideal outdoor deck that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Are you licensed?

Anyone can look like a builder and offer decking installation services, but it is important to ensure they have the correct licences that cover the nature of the work.

Ask if they are a licensed builder with a Builders Licence (warning: most will only have a Contractor’s Licence or may be working under another company’s licence. Make sure the Builders Licence matches the name of the contractor).

Credit to Thermory – Ash Decking

Are you insured? Do you have Homeowners Warranty Insurance?

All companies are required to have Public Liability (recommended $20 million) and Workers Compensation. If the project is over $20,000 Homeowners Warranty Insurance must be taken out for your project to ensure you are covered for faulty work if the builder goes out of business.

How long have you been in the decking business?

Any builder can build a deck but understanding what materials and processes work in various situations is only something that long-term experience can give you.

Does the job need council approval and will they handle that process for you?

Although a lot of decks are exempt it is important to understand the regulations and rules around what is exempt, what is compliant, and what needs Development Application (DA) Approval. This can be a difficult process but it is important to follow.

Ask for references of previous work

Ask for testimonials and if you have any concerns, ask to speak to the people behind the testimonials also.

Thermory Ash Decking

Ask to see some completed jobs

If the builder is proud of their work they will be more than happy to show off their craftsmanship by showing you some of the previous jobs they have completed.

When can you start work and how long will the project take to complete?

A professional deck installation company will be able to tell you a start date with reasonable accuracy and give you an expected time for project completion. 

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