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Standard Timbers

From our years of experience in the timber decking game, we have narrowed down what timbers work well in various environments, which is the most important step when selecting your timber.


Most people look for the colour they like and assume that they all perform the same. We have noticed, for example, a trend in clients wanting a grey or silver look as the timber has aged and gone grey. 

The only way to achieve this look is to let the timber dry out and it will go that silver colour.  However, many timbers will not perform well if left to dry out. 

The timber we recommend for achieving the grey look or silvered look are:

Ash Thermory


If you like brown timbers and want your timber to keep looking like new, it will require regular maintenance to keep that look. 

We find a lot of Australian Gums (like Iron Bark and Blackbutt) have far too much movement and don’t perform as well as the timbers we use and recommend. 

The best timber to use for the brown or modern Australian look we would like to recommend:

Spotted Gum

Modified Timbers

From our years of experience in the timber decking game, we have narrowed down what timbers work well in various environments, which is the most important step when selecting your timber.

Some newcomers to this market are a new age modified timbers which have been designed to withstand the elements and not require the same level of maintenance. In this range we recommend the following:



Real wood | Natural patina | Maximum hardness | Outstanding stability | Guaranteed long life | Low maintenance | High resistance | Safe & Toxin-free | Eco-technology | Sustainable sources
  • Developed in Norway
  • Colour: Rich brown colour
  • Real wood: with enhanced and strengthened cell structure, the wood cell walls are 50% thicker due to the stable, locked-in polymers. This increases dimensional stability, durability & hardness.
  • Refined & beautiful: develops a natural patina after exposure to sun and rain
  • Maximum hardness: hardness level increased to levels of the best hardwoods
  • Outstanding stability: swelling and shrinkage reduced by 40% – 60%
  • Guaranteed long life: outdoor lifetime warranty of 30 years
  • Low maintenance: no additional treatment needed beyond normal cleaning
  • High resistance: against fungi, rot and other wood destroying micro-organisms | the wood does not require oiling
  • Safe & Toxin-free: the wood does not splinter | contains no toxins or harmful impregnation substance |  the wood does not get too hot in the summer
  • Eco-technology: bio-based liquid used for Kebony technology
  • Sustainable sources: raw material only from sustainably managed forests



Thermal modification | Improved durability | Improved dimensional stability
  • Eco-friendly: Thermory is a sustainable timber decking alternative that uses thermal modification (a heat treating process) to make the wood highly durable and stable.
  • Thermal modification: improves durability, dimensional stability, and will stop the wood reacting to changes in humidity, which makes it a sought-after material for decking projects. 
  • Less moisture absorbance: The wood absorbs less moisture than unmodified wood so there is a reduced risk of mildew and mould, and it endures hear better.
  • Naturally achieve the silver-look: Thermory retains the natural properties of wood. Exposure to sunlight can effect the colour of thermally modified wood just like unmodified wood, so it will turn silver-grey without regular protective maintenance.


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