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Decks, decking material and deck maintenance for your home. 

A well designed & built deck can enhance the beauty and value of your home dramatically.

When decks are designed and built right, there is a seamless flow from inside to out – with the deck looking like it was always meant to be there, not tacked on as an afterthought.

Decks for the Sydney Climate

Decks improve the appeal of your home

It is important to choose the right deck materials as the Sydney climate can be harsh on timber. Exposure to sun and rain will make the colour of natural timbers fade over time. 

Since we also get plenty of rain (when not in a drought), rainwater can cause decks and boards to swell and shrink if you do not choose carefully.

Movement of decking boards is also an issue, due to the extreme hot and wet conditions. Careful consideration should be paid to areas in partial shade versus full sun as full sun areas can deteriorate more quickly.

With our experience and your ideas, we work through the options to get you the best design for your area and budget. There is a huge range of different decking timbers and composites in varying sizes that are available.

Let’s expand your living area and improve the appeal of your home with a deck designed and built by #1Decks. 

Your Decking Questions Answered


It depends on the size of your deck and proximity to boundary setbacks. But don’t worry, this is definitely something we can help you with.

Composites have come a long way since they were first released. But you still need to be careful in which composite board you choose, as there are a lot in the market and plenty that don’t stand up well in the Aussie conditions. We use and recommend the following boards: Deckroator, Nexgen, Millboard and Apex Decking. All these are good quality and there is a good range in price, look and colour within these products.

This is something we would need to assess on the job to be completely sure on the best subframe. But as a rule of thumb, if your deck is less than 400mm high, we would recommend either aluminium subframe or H4 lowdeck. Stay away from having H3 timber low to the ground, as they aren’t suited for this application.

This is a really hot trend at the moment and something we specialise in. The way you can achieve the grey timber look is by letting the timber dry out from the weather and silver off. Whilst all timbers will grey off, the selection of the timber is critical for the longevity of your deck. For this, we prefer the following timbers: Thermory, Teak and Mahogany. These timbers are really stable and won’t get splintery once left to dry out (like most Aussie gums will). 

This varies depending on the size and complexity of the deck – ranging from a few days for smaller, more straightforward designs, to a few weeks for larger, more detailed designs.

We can also help design and build the perfect alfresco areas, patios and pergolas.


Timber Decks

Aesthetic appeal, traditional decking.
Recommended brands: Merbua, Ironbark, Spottedgum, & Blackbutt

Composite Decks

Low or no maintenance required.
Recommended brands: NetGen, Millboard & Outdure

Concealed Fixed Decks

Nail/ Screw-free decking.
Recommended brands: Deck-max

DECKing trends


The Final Polish

Decking maintenance service

Maintain your timber deck to keep the beauty of your deck in top condition.

As mentioned above, the Sydney climate can be harsh on timber. Not many decking oils can stand up to Sydney weather for extended period of time so natural timbers need to be oiled annually.

Apart from annual oiling, you may also need bi-annual sanding or sealing as timber deck require more maintenance.

We understand that tons of timber oil options out there as well as time and effort consumed for maintenance may overwhelm and stop you from maintaining your decks, we can help you with deck maintenance to preserve its beauty.

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