6 Reasons Why Composite Decking has taken Sydney Homes By Storm

With our busy lifestyles, composite decking has gained popularity due to the low maintenance benefits it offers and wide range of options that appeal to the design savvy client. #1 Decks is installing more composite decking than ever before for our Sydney NSW customers. So we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should consider composite decking if you do not want the maintenance of timber.

Low Maintenance & Longevity

No weathering and no fading? Yes it’s true! There is no requirement for annual oiling or regular sanding (as with natural timbers) and, once installed, the boards look the same for many years to come.The technology and products have improved greatly since the early boards that entered the market, and there are some excellent quality options on the market.

It is important to choose a quality product as the cheaper composites may not withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

#1 Decks Outdoor Decking Trends Ebook Sydney

Designer Decking

There are a large range of options to achieve the desired look for your deck. One trend we have been noticing is the grey or silver deck look, which is achieved with natural timbers over time when they fade. With composite, you can achieve this look immediately, and even choose from a range of grey/silver hues. Check out our ebook “Decking Trends that Suit the Sydney Climate” if you want the full lowdown on achieving various trends using products that will last.

Consistent Colour Across Shaded & Full Sun Areas

Many outdoor living areas have inconsistent sun exposure – with some areas exposed to full sun and others either partly or fully shaded. With natural timbers, these areas will fade at a greater rate which will cause the deck to look vastly different if it is not regularly oiled and maintained.

With the right composite product, you will only experience a 5% fading which is a lot less noticeable to the naked eye.

We will discuss the best options for creating the ideal outdoor deck that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Ease of Installation

With standard lengths, wider boards and concealed fixing methods, the installation time to lay composite boards is far quicker than traditional timber installations.

A Polished Look

Another benefit of the concealed fixing method available with composite products is that nails will not lift or work their way out of the timber.

Extensive Warranties

The warranties on quality composite boards are impressive. Many come with a 25-year guarantee that can cover things such as splitting, splintering, staining, fading, rotting and structural damage from fungal decay.

Interested in a composite or timber deck for your home?

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